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Get your car washed while you work.

Clean Image Car Wash is a convenient car wash local to Rhodes Business Park. If you work at the business park and drive your car each day, give us a try we are located at B2 level car park near the loading dock.

Your time is money so let us wash your car while you work.

FREE Pick up from your car spot.

Public customers are also welcome.

Popular Questions

How often should I have my vehicle washed?
2 to 3 weeks is a good time to get your car washed. For extra paint protection you should get your car waxed every 3 months.
When should I wash off insect residue?
Insect residue should be washed off immediately to prevent the acidic contents eating away at your paint. Our premium clay wash provides a deep treatment for your cars exterior, ideal for removing contaminants including embedded dirt, tree sap, bird and bug residue. Hand polish is applied after every clay bar treatment.
What kind of car wash should I choose?
This depends on how dirty your car is. We provide 6 x types of washes from your basic and deluxe wash, to a hand wax wash or a full detail service.

Quality of Service

At Clean Image Car Wash & Detailing we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our washes*

* If you are not completely happy with our wash or service we will re wash the car for you at absolutely no charge to you. If you are still not happy with our wash or service we will refund your money in full

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Meet Our Team

Meet our skilled crew

Our crew members are skilled and fully equiped with equipment and supplies needed that we can deliver the best results.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible.

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Wash & Detailing Expert
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